[Samba] No joy adding a CUPS printer

Kurt Pfeifle kpfeifle at danka.de
Thu Dec 11 01:08:17 GMT 2003

> [Samba] No joy adding a CUPS printer
> Gary Thomas gary at chez-thomas.org
> Thu Dec 11 00:09:26 GMT 2003
> I'm trying to change my Samba setup from LPD to CUPS, with little
> success.  I've followed [and re-followed] the setup documentation
> from CUPS and I just can't get Samba to recognize my printer. 
> The catch is - it sort of recognizes it :-(


> [root samba]# rpcclient localhost -Uroot%xxxx -c 'getdriver lp'
> cmd = getdriver lp
> Error opening printer handle for lp!
> Alas, I'm stuck :-(  Windows (XP Home if it matters)

"Home" *might* matter... but most likely not with the symptoms you

What does your (remaining) smb.conf look like? (Please send it without
the comments...)

> stalls trying to
> install this printer, telling me I don't have the proper drivers 
> installed.  Most likely because of the 'getdriver' issue above.

What do you get for

   [root samba]# rpcclient localhost -Uroot%xxxx -c 'enumprinters'
   [root samba]# rpcclient localhost -Uroot%xxxx -c 'enumprinters 2'
   [root samba]# rpcclient localhost -Uroot%xxxx -c 'enumprinters 3'


IIRC, the "getdriver" in some late 2.2.x versions had problems....

> I'm running Samba 2.2.7a-7.9.0 - stock from Red Hat 9.0
> Any ideas or help would be appreciated.

1/ Try to run "cupstestppd" against the PPD in question. Fix problems
    by editing it. If your stock install doesn't have this "cupstestppd"
    utility available, then try the online version here:


2/ It could still be a "problem" with the PPD, even if it passes the
    cupstestppd test. I've 2 PPDs here which I can't get to work even
    with Samba-3.0.1rc1. As soon as I change the PPD to a different one,
    it works! (Will submit a bugzilla report as soon as I can figure out
    details again)

3/ Try to change the printer name to another one than "lp" (wild guess)

4/ Check at "http://www.linuxprinting.org/" if you can find a newer
    PPD. Is the current one still calling for "cupsomatic" as its
    "*cupsFilter"? (See at head of PPD file...) In that case read
    the linuxprinting.org docu (or the section in the HOWTO Collection
    for 3.0 -- it is applicable to 2.2.7a also!) and download the newer
    PPDs + "foomatic-rip" (foomatic-rip replaces cupsomatic). Might
    work then....

> My wife really wants her
> printer back :-)

Oh -- its not "wants her husband back" ??     ;-)

> Thanks
> -- 
> Gary Thomas <gary at chez-thomas.org>


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