[Samba] you'd better fix this before releasing 3.0.1

trogl at shaw.ca trogl at shaw.ca
Wed Dec 10 19:40:57 GMT 2003

I'm doing this off a fresh samba.3.0.1pre1.tar.gz downloaded yesterday.

gcc 2.95.3

Some idiosyncracies in ./configure were found.  The following were "present but cannot be compiled"


it also warned about ldap, but I'm linking to an NT network, not ADS.

> We have  (from the Makefile):
> ~  TDBBACKUP_OBJ = tdb/tdbbackup.o tdb/tdbback.o lib/snprintf.o 	\
> ~                                                ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

I have:

TDBBACKUP_OBJ = tdb/tdbbackup.o tdb/tdbback.o $(TDBBASE_OBJ)

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