[Samba] AIX 5.1 upgrade

Yun Shieh Yun.Shieh at omr.state.ny.us
Wed Dec 10 19:17:24 GMT 2003

          To Whom It May Concern:
               We have been happily running Samba 2.0.6 on AIX 4.3.3 
          environments the last 3 years.  The AIX 5.1 upgrade was done 2 
          days ago and we are running into problems with the user groups 
               If a AIX user has more than 32 groups attach to it's 
          operating system user account, Samba denied all access to any 
          file shares.  Even the NET VIEW //OMRX15 query command failed 
          from NT 4.0 servers.
               According to IBM, AIX 5.1 has a limit of 64 groups per user 
          and AIX 4.3.3 has a limit of 32 groups per user.  The group limit 
          is not enforced in AIX 4.3.3 but it is restricted 64 groups per 
          user in AIX 5.1 now.  Currently, the Samba 2.0.6 limit is 32 
          groups per user on AIX 5.1.  Can you help me to resolve the group 
          limit problem?
               	    	      	   	     	       Sharon Shieh

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