[Samba] Samba on AIX

Jean-Yves LENHOF jean-yves at lenhof.eu.org
Wed Dec 10 16:09:21 GMT 2003

Hi guys,

I've a strange thing on using Samba on AIX 5.1 (version from the IBM
Samba is working quite well. But each time a user is connecting a samba
share on the windows host I've this type of message in the
Dec 10 10:50:25 pnortix secldapclntd: Failed to search 541145906 from the
LDAP server.
The number here seem to change from a session to another.... even from the
same user on the same windows machine.
The only thing I can think is the user unix "nobody" which is used on the
beginning of a samba connection.... its number is quite large 4294967294
My config file

smb.conf file (name of machine & IP were changed)

        workgroup = NOMWORKGROUP
        netbios name = MAMACHINE
        interfaces = x.y.z.0/
        bind interfaces only = Yes
        security = SERVER
        encrypt passwords = Yes
        map to guest = Bad User
        password server = servernameofwindowsPDC
        username map = /etc/smbusermap
        lanman auth = No
        log level = 3
        log file = /var/spool/samba/log.%m
        printcap name = /etc/printcap
        mangled stack = 100
        local master = No
        wins server = ipadressofwinsserver
        guest account =
        printing = bsd

        path = /chemin
        valid users = user1 user2 user3 user4
        force user = loguser
        read only = No

/usr/lib/security/methods.cfg :

        program = /usr/lib/security/LDAP
        program_64 =/usr/lib/security/LDAP64

        program = /usr/lib/security/NIS

        program = /usr/lib/security/DCE

Have you an idea of what is happening ?

If you need further information, please ask


PS : - Please cc me as I'm not on the list
     - Please excuse my poor english, I'm a french guy

Jean-Yves LENHOF
jean-yves at lenhof.eu.org

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