[Samba] Samba 3.0.0 nt acl

Sam Saqr ssaqr at uniquedigital.com
Wed Dec 10 14:03:25 GMT 2003

If I ./configure with just --with-acl-support it seems to have enabled
ACLs on the one machine.  I will reattempt to recompile with
--with-acl-support --with-quotas and see if it still works.  I'm running
Red Hat 8 custom kernel 2.4.21.

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I'm also having problems with ACLs, but on an ext3 file system with the
patch from http://acl.bestbits.de compiled in to the kernel (which I put
-acl on the end of to make sure I was using the right one). The
script doesn't seem to recognise the ACL support.

Some output is below - if anything else is needed please let me know :o)

# mount 
/dev/hda2 on <mountpoint> type ext3 (rw,acl)

# uname -a
Linux <hostname> 2.4.22-acl #2 Mon Nov 24 14:30:54 GMT 2003 i686 i686

# ./configure --with-quotas --with-acl-support --enable-cups
checking whether to support ACLs... checking for getxattr in -lattr...
checking for acl_get_file in -lacl... no
checking for ACL support... no

Red Hat 9.0 (custom kernel), Samba 3.0.0 (release)

Am I missing some (kernel) headers or is something else going on here?
prefer to stick with ext3 if at all possible (part of disaster recovery 

Incidentally I can use getfacl to see acls on files in this partition, 
although I haven't tried setting any by hand as I'd rather NT took care
all that.


On Wednesday 10 Dec 2003 5:19 am, Sam Saqr wrote:
> I've upgraded to Samba 3.0 (samba-3.0.0.tar.bz2) from 2.2.7a and I am
> having troubles with the acl-support.
> I am running xfs with ACLs enabled and ACLs did work on Samba 2.2.7
> I've compiled samba 3 --with-acl-support --with-winbind --with-quotas
> But I still can't get the ACLs to work.  Am I missing something?

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