[Samba] How does WinXP pass username/password?: NT_STATUS_WRONG_PASSWORD

GhodMode linuxmail at carolina.rr.com
Wed Dec 10 02:50:15 GMT 2003

I have a small network that includes two Linux computers and one Windows
XP Pro computer.

I'm trying to get share my Linux resources properly with the Windows
computer.  If I set it for share level security and set a user name for
each share, along with guest ok, then I can get in as whichever user
I've set... even root.

I've tried a few scenarios with a basic smb.conf and I have plenty of
log output when --debuglevel=2, but I thought it would be more than
everyone would want to see on this list.  The workgroup of the Windows
XP computer is "HOME".  The user name and password I use on the Windows
XP computer is the same as an account on the Linux computer.

The log entry which looks most meaningful to me says
NT_STATUS_WRONG_PASSWORD.  So, that makes me wonder what NT is passing,
even when I type the password.

Any help would be greatly appreciated...

	workgroup = HOME
    security = user

	read only = No
    guest ok = No

    comment = temporary files
    path = /tmp
    read only = yes

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