[Samba] Samba locking database errors : V 2.2.8 a on HP-UX 11i

Foster, Ian (LogicaCMG) Ian.Foster2 at northern-electric.co.uk
Tue Dec 9 17:32:43 GMT 2003

We are in the process of commissioning a new HP server (on HP-UX 11i) and
have installed Samba which we have configured and used extensively before
without major problems (though not this version - 2.2.8.a). Samba ran OK
initially, but now we are getting failures with messages of 'smbd[pid]
Cannot initialize locking database' and 'no locks available' logged to the
syslog and no new connections can be established (can not even browse - get
message 'Network name could not be found'). This can only be cleared by
restarting the daemons.

I have checked our smb.conf file with the testparm utility and this looks
ok, and checked the parameters (including the defaults) against the smb.conf
man page at samba.org in an attempt to identify any bad config. I have also
verified the obvious - that the lock directory exists and the permissions
are correct (if they didn't I guess it would fall over straight away).

I have attached a dump of our global definitions for inspection.

Has anybody any ideas what may be causing this ? I have checked the Samba
web pages without success. 

Is there a bad locking option here - or some other samba / kernel threshold
we are hitting ?
If I can't resolve this the filestore is going to NT !

Any help very gratefully recieved. 

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{\rtf1\ansi\ansicpg1252\deff0\deftab720{\fonttbl{\f0\fswiss MS Sans Serif;}{\f1\froman\fcharset2 Symbol;}{\f2\fmodern\fprq1 r_ansi;}{\f3\froman Times New Roman;}}
\deflang2057\horzdoc{\*\fchars }{\*\lchars }\pard\plain\f2\fs20 # Global parameters
\par [global]
\par         coding system = 
\par         client code page = 850
\par         code page directory = /usr/local/samba/lib/codepages
\par         workgroup = MWNET1
\par         netbios name = 
\par         netbios aliases = 
\par         netbios scope = 
\par         server string = Rent1
\par         interfaces = 
\par         bind interfaces only = No
\par         security = SERVER
\par         encrypt passwords = No
\par         update encrypted = No
\par         allow trusted domains = Yes
\par         hosts equiv = 
\par         min passwd length = 5
\par         map to guest = Never
\par         null passwords = No
\par         obey pam restrictions = No
\par         password server = mwaus1 mwaus2 mwaus3
\par         smb passwd file = /usr/local/samba/private/smbpasswd
\par         root directory = 
\par         pam password change = No
\par         passwd program = /usr/bin/passwd
\par         passwd chat = *new*password* %n\\n *new*password* %n\\n *changed*
\par         passwd chat debug = No
\par         username map = 
\par         password level = 0
\par         username level = 0
\par         unix password sync = No
\par         restrict anonymous = No
\par         lanman auth = Yes
\par         use rhosts = No
\par         admin log = No
\par         log level = 0
\par         syslog = 1
\par         syslog only = No
\par         log file = /usr/local/samba/var/%m.log
\par         max log size = 5000
\par         timestamp logs = Yes
\par         debug hires timestamp = No
\par         debug pid = No
\par         debug uid = No
\par         protocol = NT1
\par         large readwrite = Yes
\par         max protocol = NT1
\par         min protocol = CORE
\par         read bmpx = No
\par         read raw = Yes
\par         write raw = Yes
\par         acl compatibility = 
\par         nt smb support = Yes
\par         nt pipe support = Yes
\par         nt status support = Yes
\par         announce version = 4.9
\par         announce as = NT
\par         max mux = 50
\par         max xmit = 16644
\par         name resolve order = lmhosts host wins bcast
\par         max ttl = 259200
\par         max wins ttl = 518400
\par         min wins ttl = 21600
\par         time server = No
\par         unix extensions = No
\par         change notify timeout = 60
\par         deadtime = 0
\par         getwd cache = Yes
\par         keepalive = 300
\par         lpq cache time = 10
\par         max smbd processes = 0
\par         max disk size = 0
\par         max open files = 10000
\par         name cache timeout = 660
\par         read size = 16384
\par         socket options = TCP_NODELAY
\par         stat cache size = 50
\par         use mmap = No
\par         total print jobs = 0
\par         load printers = Yes
\par         printcap name = /etc/printcap
\par         disable spoolss = No
\par         enumports command = 
\par         addprinter command = 
\par         deleteprinter command = 
\par         show add printer wizard = Yes
\par         os2 driver map = 
\par         strip dot = No
\par         mangling method = hash
\par         character set = 
\par         mangled stack = 50
\par         stat cache = Yes
\par         domain admin group = 
\par         domain guest group = 
\par         machine password timeout = 604800
\par         add user script = 
\par         delete user script = 
\par         logon script = 
\par         logon path = \\\\%N\\%U\\profile
\par         logon drive = 
\par         logon home = \\\\%N\\%U
\par         domain logons = No
\par         os level = 20
\par         lm announce = Auto
\par         lm interval = 60
\par         preferred master = Auto
\par         local master = No
\par         domain master = Auto
\par         browse list = Yes
\par         enhanced browsing = Yes
\par         dns proxy = Yes
\par         wins proxy = No
\par         wins server = 
\par         wins support = No
\par         wins hook = 
\par         kernel oplocks = Yes
\par         lock spin count = 3
\par         lock spin time = 10
\par         oplock break wait time = 0
\par         add share command = 
\par         change share command = 
\par         delete share command = 
\par         config file = 
\par         preload = 
\par         lock dir = /usr/local/samba/var/locks
\par         pid directory = /usr/local/samba/locks
\par         default service = 
\par         message command = 
\par         dfree command = 
\par         valid chars = 
\par         remote announce = 
\par         remote browse sync = 
\par         socket address =
\par         homedir map = 
\par         time offset = 0
\par         NIS homedir = No
\par         source environment = 
\par         panic action = 
\par         hide local users = No
\par         host msdfs = No
\par         winbind uid = 
\par         winbind gid = 
\par         template homedir = /home/%D/%U
\par         template shell = /bin/false
\par         winbind separator = \\
\par         winbind cache time = 15
\par         winbind enum users = Yes
\par         winbind enum groups = Yes
\par         winbind use default domain = No
\par         comment = 
\par         path = 
\par         alternate permissions = No
\par         username = 
\par         guest account = pcguest
\par         invalid users = 
\par         valid users = 
\par         admin users = 
\par         read list = 
\par         write list = 
\par         printer admin = 
\par         force user = 
\par         force group = 
\par         read only = Yes
\par         create mask = 0744
\par         force create mode = 00
\par         security mask = 0777
\par         force security mode = 00
\par         directory mask = 0755
\par         force directory mode = 00
\par         directory security mask = 0777
\par         force directory security mode = 00
\par         force unknown acl user = 00
\par         inherit permissions = No
\par         inherit acls = No
\par         guest only = No
\par         guest ok = No
\par         only user = No
\par         hosts allow = 
\par         hosts deny = 
\par         status = Yes
\par         nt acl support = Yes
\par         profile acls = No
\par         block size = 1024
\par         max connections = 0
\par         min print space = 0
\par         strict allocate = No
\par         strict sync = No
\par         sync always = No
\par         write cache size = 0
\par         max print jobs = 1000
\par         printable = No
\par         postscript = No
\par         printing = hpux
\par         print command = lp -c -d%p %s; rm %s
\par         lpq command = lpstat -o%p
\par         lprm command = cancel %p-%j
\par         lppause command = 
\par         lpresume command = 
\par         queuepause command = disable %p
\par         queueresume command = enable %p
\par         printer name = 
\par         use client driver = No
\par         default devmode = No
\par         printer driver = 
\par         printer driver file = /usr/local/samba/lib/printers.def
\par         printer driver location = 
\par         default case = lower
\par         case sensitive = No
\par         preserve case = Yes
\par         short preserve case = Yes
\par         mangle case = No
\par         mangling char = ~
\par         hide dot files = Yes
\par         hide unreadable = No
\par         delete veto files = No
\par         veto files = 
\par         hide files = 
\par         veto oplock files = 
\par         map system = No
\par         map hidden = No
\par         map archive = Yes
\par         mangled names = Yes
\par         mangled map = 
\par         browseable = Yes
\par         blocking locks = Yes
\par         csc policy = manual
\par         fake oplocks = No
\par         locking = Yes
\par         oplocks = Yes
\par         level2 oplocks = Yes
\par         oplock contention limit = 2
\par         posix locking = Yes
\par         strict locking = No
\par         share modes = Yes
\par         copy = 
\par         include = 
\par         exec = 
\par         preexec close = No
\par         postexec = 
\par         root preexec = 
\par         root preexec close = No
\par         root postexec = 
\par         available = Yes
\par         volume = 
\par         fstype = NTFS
\par         set directory = No
\par         wide links = Yes
\par         follow symlinks = Yes
\par         dont descend = 
\par         magic script = 
\par         magic output = 
\par         delete readonly = No
\par         dos filemode = No
\par         dos filetimes = No
\par         dos filetime resolution = No
\par         fake directory create times = No
\par         vfs object = 
\par         vfs options = 
\par         msdfs root = No\plain\f3\fs20 
\par }

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