[Samba] Display Windows folder in SAMBA client

Bert Kruizenga bert.kruizenga at cgey.nl
Tue Dec 9 15:17:06 GMT 2003

I'm posting this e-mail with the following situation / question.
A client is presenting a custom made SUN portal through a SAMBA client to
it's users to access all kinds of user information.
One of the things the client wishes is to display the user's home directory
within this portal. This home directory is located on a Windows 2003 server.
The client want the users to access their home directories from the Web and
are able to up- and download files.
The only thing I (think I) know is that connecting through samba is possible
by sharing the individual home directories. This is an option I prefer not
to use, because we then need to share about 35K folders.
Using the "Users" share (1 level up) is also not an option, because the
users will then see all the subdirectories of all users.
My question:
Is it possible to address a user's home directory from a SAMBA client
WITHOUT sharing this personal folder in a way as MS does (so
\\server\usershare\%username% <file://\\server\usershare\%username%> )
Thank you very much for any help / leads that can help me.
Kind Regards
Bert Kruizenga

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