[Samba] 3.0.0 upgrade print problem

Mike Durling durling at cox.net
Tue Dec 9 03:18:45 GMT 2003

Thank you for your suggestion.  For the time being I have attempted to
work around the problem by removing 3.0 and reinstalling 2.5.5.  This
time I followed the directions in the unofficial users guide to get the
program to build in the proper places.  I will do a search for smbd to
see if there is more than one copy lurking in unexpected places.

The problem printing to the Windows machine persists, so I am a bit

Mike D

Wim Bakker wrote:
> On Saturday 06 December 2003 04:28, Mike Durling wrote:
>>I recently upgraded from Samba 2.2.5 to 3.0.0.  I have been experiencing
>>two odd problems.  First I can no longer print to a printer attached to
>>a Win-98 machine.  I can connect to shares on that machine and it can
>>connect to shares on the Samba machine.
>>Second, and this may be a clue, when I view the Samba machine on the
>>Win-98 network neighborhood it shows the machine's comment as 'Samba
>>Samba is running on Suse linux 8.0.  I had previously upgraded to 2.2.5
>>Samba and did the upgrade to 3.0.0 from source with the exec_prefix=/usr
>>option on make install.  I have checked the samba files in /usr/bin and
>>/usr/local/samba/bin and they are all the correct version.  Testparm
>>also shows the correct 3.0.0 version.
>>Thanks for any help.
> With samba 2.2.x smbd and nmbd was located in samba/bin with 3.0 in samba/sbin
> maybe that's the trouble, that you start bin/smbd which is the old smbd?
> you can test with smbd -V
> wb
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