[Samba] Home directories question

Green, Bernard bgreen at montana.edu
Mon Dec 8 21:07:34 GMT 2003



I am running Samba 2.2.8a on a server, and created a common share for a
specific group of folks.  I didn't want these specific users to have home
directories on the server just the ability to access my share.  I
specifically I gave each an invalid password and without home directories.  


To do this, I used the following command in UNIX: 

# useradd -g domain -p '***' username.  (-p options, omitting the home
directories and creating and invalid password) and followed by giving each
an account and password on the samba server using the following:

#smbpasswd -a username.  


Below is a copy of my smb.conf to reference.  Finally, to test my file share
application on win2k 

and winXP boxes all the accounts created above were unable to access this
share.  The share can be reached and seen ok, but those individuals can't
seem to gain access to my share.  They do however get prompted to supply a
username (in this form: GnC\username followed by the password) from Windows.
I on the other hand have a home directory and don't have any trouble


My question:  Can anyone tell me why this doesn't seem to work or what might
be missing for this to work?  


Thanks in advance,  





workgroup = GnC

encrypt passwords = yes

log level = 1

max log size = 1000

wins server = 153.90...

security = domain

os level = 33

domain logons = yes


comment = common area, only

guest ok = yes

writeable = yes

browseable = yes

path = /u0/tmp


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