[Samba] Questions about some Ethereal/log output and spoolss

Ken Jorissen Ken.Jorissen at stellent.com
Mon Dec 8 16:36:04 GMT 2003

>| GetPrinterDataEx request, DsDriver/printStaplingSupported
>| GetPrinterDataEx reply, DsDriver/printStaplingSupported,
>|     File not found (pathname error)

>These are normal.  The DsDriver & DsSpooler keys are
>used form printer publishing in AD.

I'm glad it's normal, thanks for responding.

>| Also, if anyone has more details on the "printer data"

>Look in the Windows registry for a locally installed printer (hint:
>seearch fomr PrinterDriverData)

I see the entries, I don't understand how each/all of those relates to
the "printer data" and how that affects the client/server interaction,
but in terms of other people's time my understanding isn't important.
I'll go digging and report my findings if I find that the documentation
could be enhanced.


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