[Samba] tdbsam to ldapsam

Charles Hamel hamelc at videotron.ca
Mon Dec 8 04:48:20 GMT 2003

1) Good
2) No users here, this is just the secret that samba needs to know in 
order to complete its tasks, it already has the DN in smb.conf
3) You can use pdbedit as mentionned in this HOWTO : 
OR you can use the smbldaptools package from www.idealx.org, they 
included a script named smbldap-migrateusers.pl and 
smbldap-migrategroups.pl which does exactly what you want to do ;)
4) Check the DN of the root user or the manager as you entered it in 
slapd.conf, check if it's the same in smb.conf in the ldap admin dn 
5) I have the same question, can anybody complete ?

Have fun

Charles Hamel
On 03-12-07, at 22:44, Craig Jackson wrote:

> System: Sid ; Samba 3.0.0 ; using tdbsam ; no problems
> Goal: Would like to move password, group, and user data to ldap 
> backend.
> Problem: I've read Samba-HOWTO-Collection.pdf and don't see exactly how
> to do this as the Howto addresses primarily the password backend.
> What I've done so far:
> 1) Created the openldap bdb and the dc=domain,dc=com base and the admin
> with password.
> 2) Run the command, smbpasswd -w <password>
> QUESTION: What user is this going use and how to set?
> 3) Created the openldap ou=domainUsers, ou=domainGroups, and
> ou=domainComputers
> QUESTION: How do I export my data to and ldif file or directly to the
> dbd and how will know what my dbd tree structure is?
> 4) I have run the command, pdbedit -i ldapsam:ldap://domain.com but and
> get credential error (relates to 2 above).
> QUESTION: In order to use group data in backend, do I need nis_ldap,
> pam_ldap?
> Any help appreciated,
> Thanks,
> Craig Jackson
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