[Samba] How do smbmount en winbind work tougether?

j.a.schonekerl at home.nl j.a.schonekerl at home.nl
Sun Dec 7 18:59:40 GMT 2003


I have setup winbind on a linux box, and it works fine ;-)
I can login with my windows account, create files on the linux box
that are owned by my windows account, great!

My problem:

when I mount a share from a windows host on my linux box  
(that is also in the AD domain) it shows all the files a root.

How can I make the windows file owners visable on the mounted 
windows share? I want to see them when I do a ls (I need it for some scripting
that changes file owners).

Can winbind and smbmount work tougether to make this possible?

Hope sombody can tell me how this works.


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