[Samba] RE: Samba 3RC4 printing issues

Orwig, Paul PORWIG at PacificLife.com
Fri Dec 5 23:25:34 GMT 2003

I wish to echo the problem with the Samba Print Server not showing up in the
Win2000 Add Printer Wizard server list.
Is there a solution to the problem?

Paul Orwig
Pacific Life Annuities

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Couple of printing issues that I can't get around. Probably relevant conf
sections at bottom. Minor one first:

In the Add Printer Wizard (the place most users look first), the Samba print
server is not listed. Manually typing the \\server\printer works fine, but
this is "difficult" for users adding printers on the fly. Adding the
printer from \\server\printers works fine too, but again, this is a
complication too far for the average user. Is there a resolution for this?

Major(ish) one:

Adding a printer to Windows 9x results in the error "printername.PPD not
found on \\server\print$\WIN40\0\printername.PPD"; forcing it to browse to
the print$ share and appropriate sub-directories shows the correct file
(even down to case!) but results in the same failure. The files preceding
it in the load process add fine (Adobe stuff). Everything works ok on NT (4
onwards). Any thoughts?



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