[Samba] Resolution: 2.2.8 fails to join Win2K domain

Chris Hoogendyk choogend at library.umass.edu
Fri Dec 5 20:23:19 GMT 2003

Thanks to the list for all the suggestions.

Finally, someone here suggested that the PDC had been upgraded to Win 
2003, whereas the BDC was still Win 2000, so perhaps I should try 
pointing directly at the BDC with my "smbpasswd -j".

It worked immediately.

So, I don't know if there is an incompatibility between Samba 2.2.8 and 
Win 2003 or whether the configuration of the PDC was somehow different 
than the BDC and could have been changed to work. Once I had joined and 
had my SID, there was no problem for anyone to connect and mount shares. 
My constraint on my Sun servers is that I prefer to stick with 
SunFreeware distributions unless it's absolutely necessary not to -- for 
the moment that means using 2.2.8.

Anyway, ultimately it was fairly simple. (1) Add the computer to the 
directory structure and click on the check box that says to allow pre 
2000 authentication, (2) use "./smbpasswd -j domain -r PDCorBDC -U 
admin-user" to join the domain and type the password when asked, (3) 
make sure the config file for samba is all set.

    workgroup = WHATEVER  <-- domain name, even though it says workgroup
    netbios name = SOMESUN  <-- my samba server
    security = DOMAIN
    password server = *
    encrypt passwords = Yes
    preferred master = No
    local master = No
    domain master = No
    wins server =  (or whatever)


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