[Samba] Reprint of "The Official Samba-3 HOWTO and Reference Guide"

Harry, Jill Jill_Harry at Prenhall.com
Wed Dec 3 18:07:11 GMT 2003

Hi All,

I understand people have been frustrated trying to find copies of "The
Official Samba-3 HOWTO and Reference Guide" edited by John Terpstra and
Jelmer Vernooij. I apologize. Demand has been even greater than we
anticipated and we immediately ran out of stock on the first printing. As
bad luck would have it, the busy holiday printing season and a glitch at the
printer delayed the 2nd printing much longer than any of us would have
liked--believe me, we are not happy with the situation.

The good news is that the 2nd printing should reach our warehouse tomorrow.
Amazon, B&N, Borders, and *most* local technical bookstores should receive
copies by early next week. If you are interested in this title, I would
recommend placing an order on Amazon now, or going to your local bookstore
by late next week, as demand is so great that we will be out of stock again
before we've fulfilled all bookstore's stocking orders. The third printing
is due instock to our warehouse December 19, and we are working to improve
this date. After this, we'll be caught up with stocking and will be watching
this title closely to make sure we do not run out of stock again.

I apologize for the delay, the inconvenience, and your frustration. The good
news is that John and Jelmer have provided a book that the Samba community
is finding very useful, and if you are interested in it, you will be able to
get a copy very soon.

Thanks in advance. Any comments, please send them my way.


Jill Harry
Executive Editor
Prentice Hall PTR
5585 Bear Creek Drive
Cathey's Valley, CA 95306
209-374-3406 fax

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