[Samba] mapping home directories using samba/ADS when users accts don't match

Lisa Smith lsmith at fau.edu
Thu Dec 4 14:28:39 GMT 2003

Yah, I think I just found it... it's one of those things where you've 
been staring at the problem all day and its sitting there staring you in 
the face.  doh!   My apologies for the dumb questions.

...for the record for other samba idiots like myself:

Mapping Unix users

    If you don't want to create a Unix account for each Windows user who
    can log into your server, you can use a mapping file. In this file,
    you will map some Windows users to an existing Unix user.
    This can alos be interesting when you have a Windows account greater
    than 8 characters and an Unix OS which don't enable you to use
    account name greater than 8 characters.
    An example of mapping file follow :

        root = administrator admin
        user1 = randy steve mike holly
        user2 = jake william stephan harold
        peterT = peter_thornston
        daveD = davidDonaldson

    Each line has the format <unix user> = <Windows user1> <Windows
    user2> ... A comment line begin with a #.
    When the file is ready, you just have to tell Samba where he can
    find it with the parameter username map = /path/to/usermap.

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