[Samba] [CSI] smb.conf share definition "force group =" option

J. Nyhuis cabal at u.washington.edu
Wed Dec 3 00:37:59 GMT 2003


	I am using samba-3.0.1pre3-1, and have noticed that the "force
group" and "force user" option no longer seems to work.  In spite of the
option being set, the files copied are set to the current users
user and primary group.  Am I missing something with regards to how this
is supposed to work or is this a bug?

	This is one of my share definitions for a team of people where
this option does not work.  If I copy a file in as a user that is a
member of the cellbio group (e.g. testuser), the unix permissions of the
file are set to testuser:testuser, not testuser:cellbio as I would expect,
denying access to the file for everyone else in the cellbio group.

        comment = Filespace for the Cell Biology Team
        path = /share/teams/CellBio/
        browseable = yes
        valid users = +&cellbio
        read only = yes
        force group = cellbio
        write list = @cellbio # read only, except for people in the "cellbio" group

	If folks could point out anything I am missing I would appreciate
the advice.  Thanks on advance.
John N.
cabal at u.washington.edu

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