[Samba] password reset on NT

Jochen Keutel mlists at keutel.de
Tue Dec 2 21:41:51 GMT 2003

  I'd like to do the following:

We have a NT domain, built as usually (PDC, BDC).
Now we want to set passwords of normal NT user accounts -
but from outside the windows world. Esp. we need a
client on Unix (e.g. Solaris) which is able to set / reset
NT passwords.
This means: The NT administrator (or someone with
administrative privileges in the NT domain) wants to set the
NT password of a normal NT user "jochen" - without
knowing the old password of "jochen".
This is what support people do when they get
calls "I've forgotten my NT password".

I think Samba would be the right tool ... But:
I tried what smbpasswd does, and I've read the manual
pages. It seems to be possible to change my own
password on NT using

smbpasswd -r pdc_host -U jochen

; but I think the following doesn't work:

smbpasswd -r pdc_host -U administrator%secret jochen

Any hint is appreciated.

Regards,  Jochen.

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