[Samba] Re: Setting passwords via LDAP

paul k paul at subsignal.org
Tue Dec 2 14:32:40 GMT 2003

Peter Andersson wrote:
Hi peter, maybe a bit late but...

> I can connect, bind and update other attribs in both SAMBA server and Win 2000 
> AD, but I don't know what attrib to use to change password via LDAP.
> Is it the same in Samba as in Win 2000?
> In documentation for Win 2000, it looks like the attrib is unicodePwd...
> Have anyone done this against SAMBA server or against Win 2000 AD? 
> Please help.
For Opendlap backend,  ldap attributes are sambaNTPassword and 
sambaLMPassword, if samba is a member server and your users are in AD, 
stick with the unicodePwd.

> Peter

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