[Samba] smbclient sending command to windows servers

Joel Hammer joel at hammershome.com
Tue Dec 2 00:25:45 GMT 2003

This question has risen before. I have an idea I have never tried, but it
sounds reasonable.
Have a share on your windows client with a file called Run_it or somesuch.
When this file is moved to another folder in the share, a daemon on the windows box spots
the file in this folder and does whatever Run_it says to do. Run_it could
just be a program name or could contain the entire program to run. 
But, this is just talk by an amateur.

On Mon, Dec 01, 2003 at 04:24:40PM -0500, Martin Corona wrote:
> I once used smbclient (or something in the smb suite) to send a command to 
> windows and reset my windows password.
> I can't recall how I did it though (over a year ago).
> What I would really like to do is use smb to send a command to a windows 
> machine that would run a script (shutting down Interwoven)
> and then back up all the Interwoven files using rsync.  The RSYNC portion 
> is easy since I mounted the windows system  in /etc/fstab as

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