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Mon Dec 1 12:27:21 GMT 2003

solutions we have evaluated are NFS clients that can be installed on
Windows, in order to access data from UNIX server through NFS. The 2
solutions we have evaluated are Hummingbird NFS Maestro and Intergraph
Disk Access (also available through MS Services For UNIX).

We are not recommending the use of Samba based solutions : you report a
data corruption issue at <COMPANY X>; I have been on my side reported data 
corruption issue at <COMPANY Y> with Samba based solutions. These 2 issues 
added to the fact that Samba solutions do not support NFS locking

interoperability are enough not to recommend such solutions.

What is documented corresponds to what we have successfully evaluated
and what we could recommend a customer to evaluate if looking for an UNIX/NT 
interoperability solution (we also recommend customers to verify that these 
tools match their own constraints (from a security, performance, ..., points 
of view). If a customer reports a problem specific to one of these tool, we 
would be able to provide some support as we have this software available for 
problem determination, but in the case the problem was in the NFS client 
itself (and not in CATIA code), we would not be able to provide direct 
support on these tools are they are third party components, supported by 
their respective vendors.

I hope this answers your question.


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