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Mon Dec 1 11:34:25 GMT 2003

dos filemode (S)
The default behavior in Samba is to provide UNIX-like behavor where only the
owner of a file/directory is able to change the permissions on it. However,
this behavior is often confusing to DOS/Windows users. Enabling this
parameter allows a user who has write access to the file (by whatever means)
to modify the permissions on it. Note that a user belonging to the group
owning the file will not be allowed to change permissions if the group is
only granted read access. Ownership of the file/directory is not changed,
only the permissions are modified.

Hope this helps,

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OK I'm a newbie here but I've read the manuals several times and have done a
lot of testing. Didn't find it, hope one of you could help.

Samba is supposed to preserve the DOS/Windows archive bit in owner X flag.
And that is true but only as far as the owner of the files or the root is
loged in a share. You may think that this is normal but the side-efect of
this behaviour is not good at all:
The archive bit can not be corectly set/reset by samba in shares that have
BOTH following characteristics:
    a) more than one users are allowed to log on and those users may write
on the same files.
    b) they don't make use of the "force user" setting (for security

I hope I'm wrong and somebody knows of a way to make samba handle the
Archive Bit corectly or else I will have to change a well established and
heavily customized backup procedure... (snif!)

Nick Demou

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