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Mon Dec 1 11:34:25 GMT 2003

O'Reilly ang
"Teach yourself samba in 24 hours"
I have tried to get swat up running and configure samba therefrom.

I have added /etc/services swat tcp 901 and because I cannot find =
I have instead added
in xinetd.conf (apparently red hat 7.1 don't have inetd.conf anymore =
xinetd.conf) =20
I have made the appriopriete changes there too /etc/xinetd.conf  added  =
nowait.400 ...etc just after the way from the books

When i try I get the message
400-server error
chdir- the server is not configured correcctly.

I am geting lost and even trying with news groups and anything else I =
am not
getting any further.
Coud You please ( a friendly soul) tell me what is going wrong with my =
I can though start smbd-D and nmbd-D (and added them to =
/etc/xinetd.conf to
start them automaticlly)
Many thanks in advance.=20

Yours faithfully

Frederik Likaj
Novo Nordisk Engineering A/S
Building, Automation.
dir. tlf. 44 42 46 69
Flik at

Krogsh=F8jvej 55
2880 Bagsv=E6rd

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