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Mon Dec 1 11:34:25 GMT 2003

behavior, and I should be able to override it by using the [global] config 
  client code page = 437

However, this seems to have no effect whatsoever. I still get the
graphical box characters, even after stopping and restarting the server.

I tried going into the Win2K Regional Options control panel and playing 
with the default system locale, but even if I make this English(UK), it 
doesn't help. It does make 'chcp' report that the default is 850 instead 
of 437, but despite the documentation's suggestion that this output from 
chcp would indicate success, the file explorer still shows the wrong 

This is especially problematic because I cannot access these files! The 
samba server will silently fail to return them if I click on them, because 
it is as if they don't exist under those wacky names.

Any suggestions appreciated.

   - Mike
mike j. brown, software engineer at  |  xml/xslt: in denver, colorado, USA    |  personal:

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