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Mon Dec 1 11:34:25 GMT 2003

the same room, and evidently on a faulty hub, and the cable connecting the
hub to the main switch had been tampered with in order to get
it through the wall easily.

So, if you try to debug this problem start on a "low level". Check
connectivity between the client and the sever, and between clients.
Transfer some file via ftp. Then check the cables, and other
network hardware. Replace cables, esp. when people step over them,
stress them by moving their clients w/o unplugging the cable.

If any oplock failure seems to be associated with one particular
user, let him log in from another client, and use the same apps
he/she alsways uses. If no problem occurs, check his client
and all cabling which only this client uses. You might even
check the network apapter of the client - does it work
flawless in another machine ?

If this also fails, take the client and plug it on the same hub/switch as
the server, and see if the problem occurs there -

- and if your cabling/network in unreliable, and you can do nothing
about it, turn oplocks off - or setup special shares for the clients
which have problems and turn oplocks off in this services.

Hope this helps - tot straks

Life is black. To make it sweet, add sugar and milk.

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