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Mon Dec 1 11:34:25 GMT 2003

machine account (NT Workstation type, not backup).

Then you will need to run smbpasswd -j <nt domainname> -r <your NT domain
controller netbios name>

You will still require a username in the /etc/passwd or nis database for all
of you NT users that you expect to access shares on the Unix box, but if
there only access will be via samba, you won't need to administer any
passwords for them, except in the nt domain where they are logging in.

I would suggest you take a look at the 'Using Samba' book from O'Reilly
publishing; Chapter six goes into more detail on how this 
If you go to the url
you can view the entire text online, and there is also a link to 
purchase the book (which I would advise, as it is the best reference for a
Samba Administrator I have seen).

Hope this helps get you started,

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Is it a big ordeal to tell the Samba server
on my Sun box to start using an NT PDC?

Does our NT server group have to do anything
on their end?

And, if I were to start using the NT PDC for
userid/password authentication, would I have
to do any userid/password management on the
Unix box?



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