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November 11, 2000 - San Diego, California
Qchex.com introduces a new financial convenience service for institutions, businesses and individuals: 

The unique payment solution (patent pending) allows users to securely manage their bank account data 
on the internet as well as instantly send and receive paper checks.  Qchex is based on distributing 
checks via e-mail. Recipients receive check notification and are linked to a secure server for download 
and instant print of the check for bank deposit. Once printed, the sender will receive instant confirmation 
that payment was received. 
Qchex can be used for any personal and business purpose, such as paying vendors, utility companies, 
credit cards, payroll, funding investments, internet purchases, memberships or sending money to family 
members and friends. Various FREE programs are available for individuals and businesses wanting to 
accept Qchex integrated with their payment system.

Users can choose from three service plans:

Plan 1: 50 Checks FREE per month, no monthly service charge
Plan 2: 250 Checks FREE per month* and $5 monthly service charge
Plan 3: 500 Checks FREE per month*, database upload for automated check distribution and $20 monthly 
service charge.

*Any checks beyond the included FREE amounts are 5 cents each.

Unlike offerings from other financial institutions the service does not incur excessive interest, hidden fees 
or penalties, limitations of use, or involvement of costly credit card transactions. Both senders and 
receivers of payment benefit from Qchex and share significant cost savings. Protection of privacy and 
security are maintained carefully with state-of-the-art policies and technology. To start and setup Qchex 
takes entering a name, an e-mail address and specifying a password. That's it!

For a live Qchex demo click on the following link: 

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