btrieve - level2 oplocks, kernel oplocks, and blocks - oh my

Lew Aubrey lew at
Mon Dec 1 11:08:19 GMT 2003

Hi Jan;

We have Level2 Oplocks DISABLED just as would have been the case in samba
1.9.18.  However our Kernel Oplocks has defaulted to ENABLED, which if I read
correctly, implies that RedHat 6.1 has built-in support for the feature; and
(again if I read correctly) has the effect of DISABLing Level2 Oplocks. I'm not
quite sure why Level2 Oplocks would have to be disabled, but this doesn't seem
to be a problem for the application; and I'm quite prepared to sacrifice
performance for database stability.

What was happening to your application without Level2 Oplocks?  I understand
this to be a performance related parameter and wouldn't expect the application
to fail.

I have compared our old 1.9.18 parameters with the 2.0.5 parameter, and have
read the SMB.CONF manual pages again.  I am now trying 'blocking locks = false'
as this is another samba 2.0 addition which sounds like it could have an



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