[Samba] dead samba process

Werner Kratochwil werner.kratochwil at sosgmbh.at
Mon Dec 1 10:19:24 GMT 2003


I am having trouble with a samba server version 2.2.5 on SuSe 8.1.

Very often my samba processes get to state D and can't be killed
The clients seem to continue to connect and so I get even more dead
These processes can't be killed, all I can do is reboot the machine.

I have looked on the internet, quite a few posts regarding that problem,
no real solutions.
Do you think an update to a new samba version could help?

The smbd is called through inetd with the following line in inetd.conf:

netbios-ssn    stream    tcp    nowait    root    /usr/sbin/smbd
       smbd -l /var/log/samba

All shares are on a RAID controller using ReiserFS.

I decided to not start nmbd. Could this be the problem?

Any ideas?

Another problem I have
Whenever I connect to the linux box within a Windows Explorer (our
are Win XP and Win 2K) the first time, it is listed in the workgroup

Could this problem be connected to that or would could I do to change
(starting nmbd did not change anything)

Thanks for the help in advance
Nice regards
Werner Kratochwil

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