[Samba] Samba joining Samba-based NT-Domain w/ 2.2

Sven Riedel sr at gimp.org
Sun Aug 31 09:42:37 GMT 2003

I'm having terrible difficulties getting Samba to cooperate. I have the
following scenario:
Samba 2.2.3 set up as a PDC on a linux machine (turing, with the domain
set to DEFAULTDOMAIN), working fine with a win2k client.
Now I wish to join a Samba 2.2 linux machine was a domain member server
(moog), and I can't seem to convince samba to do what I want it to.

moog$ is set up on the PDC in /etc/passwd and in smbpasswd (added via
smbpasswd -a -m moog$). When I try to add moog to the domain via

moog:~# smbpasswd -j DEFAULTDOMAIN -r TURING -Uroot%XXXX

I get the following error:

error looking up rid for user moog$: NT_STATUS_NONE_MAPPED
Unable to join domain DEFAULTDOMAIN.

So, what does this mean? The logfiles aren't very helpful, all they say
is that root logged in successfully with root permissions (on the PDC).
No relevant log messages on moog at all.

Grateful for any help whatsoever.


Sven Riedel                      sr at gimp.org
Liebigstr. 38 
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                                 prefer Pascal to C" (anon)

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