[Samba] Special Characters in Filenames

Bjoern JACKE samba at samba.org
Sun Aug 31 00:20:35 GMT 2003

On 2003-08-25 at 08:38 +0000 Chris Jones sent off:
>Using 2.2.8a Is there anyway for samba to display special characters
>such as ® in filenames? 
>We are trying to migrate to a samba file server instead of our win2k one
>and several files our users have have names with odd characters in them.

with samba 2.x you can either leave charset translation off, then all 
files will be saved in the codepage of the Windows clients or you can 
turn on charset translation ("character set" option). Turning this on 
gives the advantage, that you can see for example the files in 
iso8859-1, the drawback ist that you are limited to chracters which 
are part of iso8895-1 then, no other characters are possible.
The best way out is to use Samba3 which supports Unicode and with that 
you can have sane files names on the Linux server and support for all 
chracters at the same time.

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