[Samba] Win2K clients and Samba PDC

sebastiand at Argentina.com sebastiand at Argentina.com
Mon Aug 25 14:16:44 GMT 2003

Hi. Im trying to join win2k clients to a samba pdc, but im having problems...
Firstly i create the machine account manually from the samba pdc. the, when
i add the client from windows, it asks me for the name and the password
of an admin user. I enter it and then, the message of " welcome to the ***
domain" appears. I restart the machine, but then, when i try to logon against
the domain, i get an error like this:
"The trust relationship between this workstation and the domain controller
(the message may change a little, because im using a spanish version of
Some details:
PDC OS system: redhat 9.0
Samba Version: 2.2.7
Client OS: Win 2000 (spanish) SP 3

Samba is in user security level, with encryption = yes

I ve already joined win98 clients with no problems. but i cant do it with
the ones with win 2k. does anyone knows how to solve it?

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