[Samba] Re: Samba PDC + WinXP = problems fetching remote profiles

dendik dendik at pochta.ru
Sat Aug 30 19:52:52 GMT 2003


The situation turned out even more mysterious i
seemed before.

I got two new XP boxes, obviously those are XP/pro
without SP1 (did not check that, but it required
much more updates than other XP boxes, and ver
tells it's the same XP/2002/2600).  So i tried out
carefully step-by-step installation of those
machines. I stopped when they were in domain mode,
before any RequireSignOrSeal/WebClient/ EAP
patches and they worked fine, a few seconds per
log in, no trouble with downloading/uploading,
just perfect!!!

So i reinstalled XP on one of other 20 machines.
And nothing changed -- files still wont download
even before entering domain mode.

More fun: there are several samba servers in other
networks, and all (now 22) machines can access them
without any problems. I did try to port their smb.conf
to my server, but they have samba 2.2 and i did not
decide yet to make that big retract.

Now i decided to run diff on XP distribs and find
out what the difference is in to see if i can fix
it. Will report after i complete. Anyway, it's
at least very strange behaviour!!


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