[Samba] WINS Confusion - Help

Corey Hart chart at acad.stedwards.edu
Fri Aug 29 19:35:57 GMT 2003

I have a Domain that is going to span multiple subnets (14 to be exact).  I
am running Samba 2.2.8a with WINS.  In the O'Reilly's Book "Using Samba" on
page 231/232 its says you need 4 things:

1)  You must have either either a Windows NT/2000 or Samba server acting as
a local master browser on each subnet in the workgroup/domain

2)  You must have either a WindowsNT/2000 or samba server acting as a
domian master browser somewhere in the workgroup/domain

3)  A WINS server should be on the network, with each system on the network
configured to use it for name resolution.

I have steps two and three, what I am confused on is why step number one
has to be NT/2000.  Does WinXP qualify as NT/2000?  If I don't have NT/2000
or Samba in a subnet, what are the ramifications of that?

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