[Samba] novell netware server -> samba...

smuh at paintballinfo.de smuh at paintballinfo.de
Thu Aug 28 21:46:01 GMT 2003

our company is currently using novell netware 5.1 file server. now the
and software is about to be upgrated. but because of the high licence
we are in search for a better/cheaper solution and the idea to use samba
came up.
we are going to use symantec antivirus so we need to set up redhat on
new file server...
samba should be configured as a primary domain controller.
then all 250 users - all files and directories need to be copied into
same structure with all the same rights from the novell server to the
i guess i´ll have to this on my own, or is there any tool that can
from novell to samba? :)

well, i´m in search for any good tutorials that explain how to set up
as a primary domain controller.
set the firewall/security options to a maximum.
and great tools to create new users/shares/groups/ admin rights and
whatsoever for samba. maybe also for remote administration... because
doesnt seem to be made for user/group administration.

thanks a lot

regards nadine m.

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