[Samba] novell netware server -> samba...

Markus Feldmann feldmann_markus at gmx.de
Fri Aug 29 08:10:47 GMT 2003


I do not know many about Novell but in our company we also have a Novell
Server with Tobbit ... .
The main Different is that under Linux you do not have a so fantastic
Directory Service.
I heard that Tobbbit will come out in a few time.
Samba is very mighty and i think it is a good Server and you can do enough
to integrate it. I hope you have got enough knowledge to install and
configure it :-), but there are many Forums in the Inet and many email-lists
to ask someone for help.
 I would take Suse Linux 8.2 Pro or maybe a still configured Server-Version
I am not sure whether this Version is still configured. But when it is, it
would better for you. :-)
There is no risk for any Virus on the Linux Server that i know.
The only Problem is on the side of the client, this is most a MS-Client .
But therefor you can get Antivir to check for a Virus in the email server
befor the client get the email.
And i know there is a Programm named winex this is like an emulator. More
than an emulator.
My advice to you is to intigrate a Linux Server step by step in your
A good administration tool is VNC and Webmin.
PDC under Linux is no Problem i think.
Linux is one of the securiest Server Plattform.
There are many Documentaion for Linux, look at
and so on. IF you buy Linux you will get 2 books.
Another good Book is Linux (Michael Kofler).

"doesnt seem to be made for user/group administration."
Yes thats the greatest feature of Novel .

mfg Markus

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> hi!
> our company is currently using novell netware 5.1 file server. now the
> hard
> and software is about to be upgrated. but because of the high licence
> costs,
> we are in search for a better/cheaper solution and the idea to use samba
> came up.
> we are going to use symantec antivirus so we need to set up redhat on
> the
> new file server...
> samba should be configured as a primary domain controller.
> then all 250 users - all files and directories need to be copied into
> the
> same structure with all the same rights from the novell server to the
> samba
> server.
> i guess i´ll have to this on my own, or is there any tool that can
> migrate
> from novell to samba? :)
> well, i´m in search for any good tutorials that explain how to set up
> samba
> as a primary domain controller.
> set the firewall/security options to a maximum.
> and great tools to create new users/shares/groups/ admin rights and
> whatsoever for samba. maybe also for remote administration... because
> swat
> doesnt seem to be made for user/group administration.
> thanks a lot
> regards nadine m.
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