[Samba] Print Options & CUPS - Can't stop watermarking?

johnh at primebuchholz.com johnh at primebuchholz.com
Thu Aug 28 19:17:47 GMT 2003

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John Hynes/PBA
08/28/2003 03:14 PM

Rainer Hubovsky <rainer at hubovsky.net>

Re: [Samba] Print Options & CUPS - Can't stop watermarking?

After the printer is installed with point -n- print, the user gets 
whatever the default options on the server were.

The user can indeed then change the _local_ printing defaults, which do 
not effect the global server settings.

I'll e-mail you my config files if you like...


Rainer Hubovsky <rainer at hubovsky.net> 
08/28/2003 03:09 PM

johnh at primebuchholz.com

Re: [Samba] Print Options & CUPS - Can't stop watermarking?

Dear John,

let me ask you a question concerning printing and point and print.

Are your normal users able to change and store the document defaults,
and if so, why? ;-)

If I got to document defaults or the printer properties, everything is
grayed out, allthough the user is a local administrator of my NT box.

You haven't incidentally experienced similar problems, have you?

Best regards.

johnh at primebuchholz.com writes:
 > Greetings,
 > I have just set up samba printing with CUPS as the back end. (Samba 
 > 2.2.8a, CUPS 1.1.9)
 > Everything works great, including automatic driver download/Point -n- 
 > Print.
 > The problem is that whenever I print through Samba from a Windows 2000 
 > Workstation, a watermark gets added to the print job.
 > The default driver options are set on the server, so that watermarking 
 > "off", and new clients that connect get these options.
 > In CUPS admin, the same options appear.  Printing a test page from CUPS 

 > admin has no watermark.  Printing directly to the printers (HP 
 > 4000 and 8000) via LPR has no watermark.  Printing through the samba 
 > spool, either with the automatically downloaded drivers I put on the 
 > print$ share -OR- with locally loaded drivers always results in the 
 > watermark getting added, even though it's turned of in all concievable 
 > places.
 > Any thoughts?
 > -John
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