[Samba] Re: No Getent

C.Lee Taylor leet at leenx.co.za
Thu Aug 28 11:46:21 GMT 2003

Brian C Otto wrote:

>I've had it in that situation.
    So I am not alone ... I want to thank some dite, but think it best 
not too ...

>it means winbind is querying properly, but that the winbind<->nsswitch/pam
>stuff isn't.  Are you using pam?
    That seems to be the problem ... put pam stuff in with no differance 
... I have a LDAP system running, which I am using as a bench,  so I 
know that my system is work, and the LDAP stuff is fine ...

>and 'net ads join' is working properly?
    Perfect, wbinfo -t reports fine too ...

>any winbind errors in the logfile?  Or login unknown errors in
    All the winbind.log says, is that it can't find "root", which is the 
user I am logged in as ...

>/var/log/messages?  How  about 'kinit'?
    Nothing in messages, and kinit -V auth reports fine too.

>Just some ideas.  I'm not sure if pam entries are necessary for a 'getent
    Thanks, at least I am getting some idesa, but I have tried these at 


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