[Samba] Store winbind mapped UID's to migrate to LDAP

Fabiano Felix felix at getnet.com.br
Thu Aug 28 13:45:23 GMT 2003

Hello All,

I need some information about winbind, because I'm planning a migration
of a Netware 5 (with your users) and a W2K Domain (with another users,
separed of Netware) to SAMBA+LDAP. In a first moment, I'm planning to
make the SAMBA (which is a substitute to the Netware) a W2K Domain
member server, and use Winbind to allow W2K users to use the Linux
My question: if I use the winbind, I don't need to have local users.
When I migrate it to LDAP, I will need to keep the filesystem
permissions. Is there a way to copy the UID's that are mapped by
winbind? The mapping is a constant? Case I remove a W2K user, your UID
will be re-used, or is a RID variant?


Fabiano Felix

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