[Samba] File Permissions

Bruce Embrey embrey at hood.edu
Wed Aug 27 19:22:54 GMT 2003

Samba List:

I am running samba on Rh Linux 7.1 with samba 2.0.10.

I have shares I want to force the user group ownerships with as well as 
setting file permissions. I have been using force user =  and force group = 
and have been able to get new files to have this ownership. I have tried 
using create mask = 775 but when I create a file on this share through 
windows I get a file 765 permissions.

How do I correct this to get the permissions the way I want?

Bruce Embrey

Bruce Edward Embrey : Linux Systems Manager
Campus Email Admin : UNIX / Linux Administrator
Hood College : embrey at hood.edu : Phone (301)696-3927

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