[Samba] Where is the default 'smb.conf' located?

Joseph Phillips jphillips at amphus.com
Wed Aug 27 18:00:45 GMT 2003

There is no /etc/samba directory on my system.

find / -name 'smb.conf' -print


The 'samba-3.0.0rc1' is the directory where I extracted the source tarball
and did the source compile.

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find / -name 'smb.conf'

/etc/samba/smb.conf  IIRC

Joseph Phillips wrote:

> I compiled and installed the latest samba 3.0.0rc1.  I see that the
> executable was placed in the default location of
> However, I cannot located the default smb.conf file.  I was expecting
> the 'make install' script would have copied this file somewhere onto
> system.
> Where is the default 'smb.conf' file located?
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