[Samba] HOWTO: name change of Samba PDC

Rainer Hubovsky rainer at hubovsky.net
Wed Aug 27 17:17:02 GMT 2003

Hi there!

I once had the problem of not being able to log on to the domain after
changing the name of my Samba server as described in the
documentation. But it was only in a test environment.

Now I have to change the name of a Samba PDC in a real environment and
I am not sure what to do to avoid this problem

In the docs for Samba 2.2 it says that one should restore the file
private/WORKROUP.SID, but although running 2.2.7 I couldn't find this

The Samba 3.0 docs say that the SID is stored in secrets.tdb and could
be get with "net getlocalsid.." and set with a similar
command. Running 2.2.7, I do have /etc/secrets.tdb but no command

Just a few minutes ago, I tried a name change with 2.2.7 and had no

What I am supposed to do?
Under which Samba version this could be a problem and how can this be

Thanks a lot.

Best regards,

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   @ rainer at hubovsky.net
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