[Samba] Recover from PDC Crash

Ericb ericb at pear.yarl.ars.usda.gov
Tue Aug 26 22:24:42 GMT 2003

I would like to use samba as our PDC (currently we are peer to peer)
where I work but have one huge misgiving. What happens if the server
crashes? I was so curious about this that I used a trial samba PDC with
my work computer (XP) for a few weeks and then, simulating a total HD
failure, I reinstalled samba on another HD and to my horror lost my
entire user profile. bookmarks, emails, my documents, etc. I was easily
able to copy over the documents so I didn't lose any work but my emails
and bookmarks seem to have disappeared. I've found only a few poor
resources on the web about this. Its actually been a bit strange, there
are a zillion resources for setting up samba as your PDC but nothing
about how to recover, its like people are pretending that hard drives
never fail.
Surely there must be some way to recover a user profile if the samba
server dies. I realize that a BDC would work for this but samba is (so
far) unable to act as one, correct? 
Eric B
Information Technology

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