[Samba] Re: winbind tests ...

C.Lee Taylor leet at leenx.co.za
Fri Aug 22 11:29:41 GMT 2003

> Installed Samba 3.0.0rc1, and seem to be having problems with winbind.

>    First question, shouldn't "wbinfo -t" return success? I have "wbinfo 
	I grab the RawHide src and updated to 3rc1 and wbinfo -t now works, seems like a problem with mkrpm in 3rc1.  I will look further once I have my system working.

	This also fixed 

wbinfo -a test2%test2
plaintext password authentication succeeded
challenge/response password authentication succeeded

>    Thrid, should winbind return uid numers for nss when configured in 
>/etc/nsswitch.conf by adding winbind to passwd?  Does anybody have any 
>hints on any of these?
	I have found that I have to do a 

[root at dctest-01 samba]# wbinfo -n test1
S-1-5-21-2875628134-430090060-3946654109-1114 1
[root at dctest-01 samba]# wbinfo -S test1
Could not convert sid test1 to uid
[root at dctest-01 samba]# wbinfo -S S-1-5-21-2875628134-430090060-3946654109-1114

	Before I am able to have nss use the uid numbers for the fs, but I am not able to do a chown test1 ./testdir, I still get 
chown: `test1': invalid user

	Do I need to configure pma before I am able to do this?


P.S. Please can any give me a hand with this. Thanks.

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