[Samba] authenticating users against AD

Matt Harrington matt at msg.ucsf.edu
Fri Aug 22 07:57:58 GMT 2003

I checked the docs I could find, and this list's archives, but I wasn't able
to find an answer to this question.  I want to join Linux workstations to my
AD domain and have users logging on be authenticated against the AD domain
as opposed to NIS.  I don't see that Samba 3.0 will do this.  Is that

If Samba 3.0 will enable Linux users to authenticate against AD, how does a
Linux workstation get the user's UID, GID, and Unix home directory
information?  solutions such as the PADL software extend the AD scheme to
accomodate these additions, bu I don't see that Samba 3.0 will do that.

or, does AD integration in Samba 3.0 mean something else?


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