[Samba] Samba 3beta3 - Winbind and groups in groups - question

Łukasz Sznajder lsznajder at webservice.pl
Tue Aug 19 14:43:46 GMT 2003

Hi everybody, im new here, and I have problem.

Im running samba 3beta3 at gentoo linux.

Do anybody know how to resolve something like this:
There are three groups in AD
group_a, and group_b and group_c

Members of group_a are user_0, user_1, user_2
Members of group_b are user_3, user_4, user_5
Members of group_c are user_6 and group_b

If i try to do 
getent group
At my linux box i got 

group_a: user_0,user_1,user_2
group_b: user_3,user_4,user_5
group_c: user_6

Problem is group_c, I think it should be:
group_c: user_6,user_3, user_4, user_5

Does anybody know how to force winbind to do somethink like this?

Best regards,

Łukasz Sznajder

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