[Samba] what are the configure flags for building mysql backend

Jeffrey D. Means meaje at meanspc.com
Tue Aug 19 04:59:19 GMT 2003

I have been trying to get latest ver of samba 3.0 currently using cvs
sources and am getting really pissed as I can not find _any_
documentation on how to use the configure script with the mysql flags.  
Please do us all a favor and explain what you mean by:
  --with-mysql-prefix=PFX   Prefix where MYSQL is installed (optional)
  --with-mysql-exec-prefix=PFX Exec prefix where MYSQL is installed

What is the difference in these two flags and what is expected in each
flag so that configure will turn this option on??
Jeffrey D. Means
CIO for MeansPC
meaje at meanspc.com

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