[Samba] Prompt Windows User for Password Change

Danny Bradley dabradley at cox-internet.com
Sat Aug 16 21:47:42 GMT 2003

I want to create a script which runs each time a user logs on, as well as periodically via a cron, that opens a window on the user's XP computer to prompt him to change his password, if needed.  I already know that password changes can be made either with PAM or by a user taking the initiative to press Ctl-alt-del to change a password (assuming Unix password sync is turned on).  But, I want to issue the prompt and have the user to be forced to respond to it before proceeding with anything else in Windows.  Of course, once the user responds, both Samba and Linux passwords need to be changed in concert.  So, what is the script; where does it go; what, if anything needs to be done in Windows; and, besides the script, what else has to be done?

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