[Samba] Re: Beginners query

Failed Access mdonovan at edwtech.com
Fri Aug 15 13:45:05 GMT 2003

So are you planning on setting samba up as a domain controller? or just 
as a file server? do you already have a domain controller? is it NT? do 
you want to migrate from current PDC to Samba PDC? or would you start 
from scratch? You do know roaming profiles are the most evil thing in 
the universe (Recked my settings after logging into someone elses 
machine, logged out it saved my profile, logged back into my machine and 
I had to spend a day getting it back in shape)?

Samba acting as a file server is a walk in the park.

The samba.org webbie is the best starting point out there.
But I used my trusty google.com.


Shantanu Basu wrote:
> Hi,
> I am a complete novice to this world.
> We are trying to figure out what sort of functionality Samba can give us 
> in merging Unix and Windows (98, 2000, XP)machines onto one file server. 
> The windows machines are to mount the shared directory from the server 
> and see it like it is its own disk, roaming user prifles need to be 
> configured on Samba such that anyone at any PC can use his own settings 
> and use his computer sitting on the table in his office.
> Basically I am trying to find out what functionality resides in Samba 
> v3.0 to configure theseoptions for Windows machines. Where can I find 
> documentation/help for this sort of thing.
> I realise I am an amateur and this may be a basic question but please 
> bear with me.
> Thanks.
> Shantanu Basu.
> FHWA/NHTSA National Crash Analysis Center
> The George Washington University

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